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Businesses who do not currently implement web conferencing into their daily practices often are not fully aware of the substantial savings which could be theirs. More often than not, those who do take the short step towards using Priority Meeting find themselves stumbling upon advantages they never knew existed, or could not initially fully appreciate.

Business Meetings Online Education Webinars Remote Support

Business Meetings
  Current Practices With Priority Meeting
Preparation Time 5 hours 1 hour
Travel Time 3 hours None
Flight Cost $400 None
Hotel Cost $350 None
Meal Cost $200 None

Additional Benefits: Reduced flight delays, less fatigue, less, fuel consumption, increase scheduling flexibility, organic sharing of information, continued access to office tools, etc...

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Online Education
  Current Practices With Priority Meeting
Maximum Number of Students 40 students 100 students
Location Cost $400 $79/month
Travel Cost $200/month None

Additional Benefits: Larger pool of students, increases student participation, leading-edge education method, increased student interactions, easier question and answer management, etc...

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  Current Practices With Priority Meeting
Audio / Visual Setup Cost $375 $60
Location Cost $800 $79/month
Meal Cost $30/person None

Additional Benefits: Worldwide pool of participants, participants look after their own comfort, abilty to focus primarily on the content, eliminate the necessity of an event planner, etc...

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Remote Support
  Current Practices With Priority Meeting
Travel Time 1 hour + None
Travel Cost $40 None
Potential Clients Limited to region No limit

Additional Benefits: Substantially reduce client miscommunication, abilty to troubleshoot from anywhere and to anywhere, ability to host multiple sessions, ability for technicians to collaborate together seemlessy, etc...

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