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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to common questions to help you understand more about the Priority Meeting online conferencing platform.

Priority Meeting Suite is a hosted solution that allows users to engage in web conferencing using a reliable and stable platform.

Priority Meeting can host large numbers of participants and is packed with features which will make your business thrive like never before! Whether you wish to coordinate accross offices, hold online seminars, provide remote desktop support, or educate individuals accross the globe Priority Meeting can provide you with what you need.

Absolutely! Many similar services offer you basic options and then ask you to pay extra for additional features. We prefer to provide you with every single option right at the beginning. In this way, as your businesses' neds grow, you can adapt quickly and at no additional cost.

No. Our system is flash-based so all that is required is to log in using a browser window such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. This means that you can access your account from anywhere!

At Priority Meeting, we care about our clients. Because our clients' satisfaction is our number one priority, we aim to provide top-of-the-line, easy-to-use conferencing services with competitive pricing and great customer support so your business can have all the tools needed to flourish in a communication-based era. In this day in age, we know how important communication is. We also know every minute counts and that's why we're driven to provide you with the best communication services on the market today.

Just as you care about your clients, we care about ours.

In today's make-or-break business climate wrought with economic turmoil, every business manager, from the international corporations to the one-man operations, is looking to cut costs wherever possible. Priority Meeting allows business leaders to maintain exceptional communication services - a necessity in today's market - without breaking the bank. Beyond our multitude of service options available at highly competitive prices, we are here to serve you. Unlike other bottom-line-driven companies, we are focused on providing outstanding customer service that allows clients to build their businesses with worry-free ease.

Visit our Features page to learn more about all the options you will receive with Priority Meeting™.