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We're proud to provide you with a 4-in-1 solution that is feature-rich and easy to use.

Priority Meeting Suite: All-inclusive Package

  • Unlimited web meetings
  • Chat technology
  • Online whiteboard capability
  • Online event registration capability
  • Polls, surveys, reports
  • Live document sending
  • One-click meeting start
  • Worldwide access
  • Track attendance
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote access
  • Instant messaging
  • Sharing controls
  • Video conferencing
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • No contracts
  • No sign-up fees
  • 14-day, risk-free trial
  • Easy setup
  • Low monthly rates
  • Upgrade anytime
  • Monitor attendees

Sharing Features

Presentation Sharing Participants simply use their web browser, be it Explorer, Firefox or others, to share presentations in any digital format.

Document/file Sharing Documents, images, videos, graphics, spreadsheets and more can all be seen by every participant at any given time.

Screen Sharing Share and run meetings from any screen, scrolling through documents or applications for all participants to see all while maintaining audio communication.

File Transferring Files and documents are easily and securely transferred between computers, making sharing faster and simpler than emailing attachments.

Application Sharing If the web meeting host allows it, others can control software in their presentation to create more fluid, complete demonstrations and product displays.

Whiteboard Sharing An interactive whiteboard, no different than those found in an actual classroom, is easy to use, always available and very handy for drawing out concepts for all to see. The system even supports multiple whiteboards in a meeting.

Browser Sharing Allows participants to quickly share web-based information, scroll through it for all to see and meeting participants can take control to become the presenter when needed.

Picture Sharing Not only does everyone get to see photos, the presenter can draw or zoom in on them to accentuate the presentation or explain topics in more detail as needed.

Desktop Sharing Allows users to see PowerPoint, Word documents, photos, designs, videos and other files quickly and easily. The presenter can just scroll through their computer for all to see.

Remote Desktop Control With permission, a technical support practitioner or presenter can take control of someone's desktop for training purposes, instructional walk-throughs or even for PC repair.

Comments and Annotations Participants can make comments, ask questions and add changes directly to documents or presentations during a web conference. They can also save the revised version of the document for later review.

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More Useful Features

Polling Presenters are able to conduct polls before, during or after presentations to get instant feedback, compile opinions or accent certain points within the discussion.

Online Chat Although audio is available, chatting is particularly beneficial because it does not interrupt presentations and it allows for multiple comments at a time while keeping meeting order.

Secure Web Conferences Because web conferences are password protected, data transference, communications and discussions are completely secure to prying eyes.

Video Integration Using webcam technology to communicate gives meetings a very important personal touch, breaking down distances without the hassle or cost of traveling.

Event Registration Hosts can customize a registration page for a webinar event. Meeting instructions, documents and other information can be sent directly to the participants when they register and the organizer can know how many and who signed up in advance.

Cross-platform Capabilities Host meetings from a laptop or desktop PC, Mac or Linux computer.

Last-minute Meetings Meetings can be held anytime, anyplace in an instant. No need to organize or schedule, just log on and get to it.

No Gimmicks!

  • No per conference fees
  • No surprise extra fees
  • No cross-border fees
  • No problems

Add-on Features

  • Brandable private label system (add your company logo, company colors, etc)
  • Non-VoiP Conference calls (we provide a 1-800 number)
  • Reservationless conference calls

Additional Benefits

  • Reduce travel costs
  • Reduce phone delays
  • Reduce inefficient meetings
  • Reduce scheduling conflicts
  • Reduce business travel stress
  • Reduce office expenses
  • Enhance communications practices
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Build a stronger network with clients, co-workers, competitors
  • No downloading needed
  • No software or hardware to buy or install

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