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Popular Industries

Communication is such an important aspect of any industry, many different types of businesses and organizations take advantage of our wide-ranging, multifaceted services. Below are some examples of how specific industries are taking advantage of Priority Meeting Suite.

Medicine: Share them with others in the field and discuss it in real time. Practitioners collaboratively examine x-rays, photos, charts and more.

Sports: Video coaching is becoming a popular means to help athletes improve their skills. Athletes and coaches alike can seek out advice by sharing and discussing videos, photos and field diagrams.

Engineering: Schedule a web conference to demonstrate a design, get feedback and increase productivity. Share PDFs, JPEGs, documents or even videos with colleagues, clients or educational institutions.

Legal: Collaborate with associates in cities around the world, quickly receive or send important documentation or host presentations from anywhere.

Authors: Go on a virtual book tour, host online readings, share and discuss work with other writers or even hold online video conferences about contracts, new ideas and more.

Virtual trade shows: Cut down on expenses by demonstrating products or services in an online teleconference. Attend or host webinars, distribute literature and garner new clients without ever leaving home.

Real Estate: Review blueprints, share images, take clients on video tours, review contracts, discuss properties and make deals across continents without ever leaving the office.

Architecture: Share ideas, present prints and review designs with clients, contractors or fellow colleagues. Ensure clients or partners understand the material by hosting Internet conferences.

Accounting: Go over procedures, tax changes, spreadsheet data and more with clients or employers. Discuss forms, give instructions or explain subjects in detail.

Sales: Priority Meeting Suite is the ultimate sales tool. Be it products or services, Priority Meeting's feature-rich Internet conferencing services allow sales representatives to take their pitch to a whole new level.

Market testing: Test target markets, host focus groups, demonstrate or discuss products and services. Generate marketing ideas with colleagues. Host or attend webinars on the latest market trends, techniques and products.

Insurance: Discuss policy changes quickly and efficiently without driving out to meet with a client or flying globally-based colleagues to the head office. Display services in electronic format and discuss contracts line-by-line.

Education: Online teaching in a virtual classroom has revolutionized long-distance learning and Priority Meeting Suite is the best in the businessmen at providing the perfect tool-laden platform for teachers and students alike.

Researchers: Share expertise and findings with colleagues through teleseminars. Exchange and review important documentation in real time.

Investors: Hold meetings, discuss extensive portfolios in real time with other investors from around the world. Make pitches to co-investors while presenting data, exploring contracts and meeting new partners face-to-face over the web.

Journalists: Interview subjects while viewing any needed documentation, literature or evidence. Collaborate with editors in real time even when working afar. Log onto almost any computer and connect with the world.

Mental health: More and more councillors and therapists are taking advantage of Priority Meeting Suite to hold online counselling sessions or to discuss patients with colleagues.

Agriculture: From those that work the soil to those that trade the produce, video conferencing and data sharing allows people within the agriculture industry to share ideas, discuss the market and hone in on the newest technologies.

Merchandising: Host or participate in new product presentations whether it be to buy, sell or fabricate anything ranging from toys to clothes. Product images, costs, spreadsheets, video footage and more can be shared instantly.

Science: From archaeology to chemistry, scientists from around the world are taking advantage of Priority Meeting Suite to explore new technologies, discoveries or ideas in a real time web-meeting where documentation and imagery can be shared with the click of a button.

Language studies: Tutors or institutions can use video conferencing, virtual whiteboards and file sharing to teach individuals or groups a foreign language.

Property development: If a Colorado-based company is developing condos in Vermont, no problem. The project foremen can update developers or receive important information in real-time discussions.

Manufacturing: Attend webinars on operational efficiency, learn about new assembly line technologies, present new products to potential buyers or discuss new innovations with colleagues.

Hotel & Hospitality: Seasonal hotel employers can now meet and hire potential employees without ever leaving home base. Learn about new products, present hotels to potential lodgers and host informational webinars.

Technology: With technology ever changing, webinars allow developers, be it robotics or computers, to explore new innovations with colleagues, update data and brainstorm new ideas in a real time environment no matter the participants' location.

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