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Small Business

Priority Meeting offers an economical and environmentally friendly way for businesses to collaborate, communicate, and meet online. Now anyone can give a sales presentation, conduct a webinar, provide online training, and even share their desktop. Standard pricing includes our advanced Video Conferencing and Audio Conferencing features. Our service and products are easy to use and it only takes seconds to get started. With no client software to download and install, online meetings are made easy. We offer free support and training for first time users who sign up with Priority Meeting and rest assured that it is so easy to use that you will be a web conferencing expert in minutes.

Small businesses are always looking for new cost efficient ways to help promote and stream line their business. Don't get bogged down using some of the other complex web conferencing solutions available on the market. With Priority Meeting we have the right conferencing solution for your business. Priority Meeting is all flash based and there are no client downloads. Participants enter a meeting with a click of one button. It is that simple! Call us today and find out how we can make a difference for your business communication needs.

Did you know that Priority Meeting's web conferencing solution is an efficient way to cut down on your company's travel expenses?

With Priority Meeting you can give sales presentations from anywhere in the world, meet and collaboarate using a PC or MAC, and even deliver online training from remote locations. We also offer free video conferencing integration at no extra cost. Sign up and find out how easy Priority Meeting is to use.