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Video Conferencing

Video Teleconferencing Communication (VTC) is a powerful business tool that has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years as the complex technology becomes more and more user friendly with increased accessories that combine many different types of software and programming to produce the ultimate multi-media communication. Multi-point video conferencing services can be a tremendous help for businesses that need to communicate with people in multiple locations.

Giving every meeting a more personal, face-to-face feel without all the hassle of commuting, flying or even walking up a flight of stairs to the board room, industries from all backgrounds have adopted VTC into their normal everyday operations.

Video Conferencing System Benefits

Controlled setting: Meetings can be held with dozens of participants in settings controlled by the moderator. The moderator can control what each participant sees, how much input each person has and when individuals can respond. You don't have to be in Canada to use this great service. While Canadian companies use our video conferencing systems on a regular basis, you can use it from almost any major location in the world.

Poker face: By watching the face of the person you are talking to, you can better get a sense of their emotional state. It is easier to read into their hidden thoughts. This kind of study is very important in the business world as leaders use their people skills to make or break deals.

Increased interaction: Putting a face to a name makes things more relaxed while, at the same time, enables users to interact on a more advanced level that can, at times, be nearly as good if not better than in-person meetings.

More communication: Augmenting communication ensures companies reduce errors, increase productivity and enhance the overall market value of a product or business. Communication is the key to growth and, while not everybody can be there in person for every meeting, absenteeism is greatly reduced by VTC.

Eases scheduling issues: Trying to find a time suitable for multiple people can be a real headache, but video conferencing makes it easier for people to attend no matter where they are.

Regularity: Along with eased scheduling, comes regularity. Project teams can meet regularly from anywhere, not having to struggle to bring everybody together at random dates and times.

Multiple input: When combining audio conferencing with video or Internet communication, people can work together on the same project at the same time. Be it evaluating or coordinating a presentation or reviewing dossiers, every participant can be involved.

Easing deadline pressure: By having multiple input from management, clients, contractors, consultants or anyone else needed for any given case, people are able to come together quickly and ensure everything is done accurately and on time.

More poignant meetings: Because VTC allows for easier scheduling, more meetings can be held. More meetings means less time spent bring everybody up to speed on a multitude of items each time because participants are always in touch. Meetings get right to the point.

User friendly: Video conferencing does not require advanced degrees to operate. Anybody with basic computer knowledge can make it happen. Unlike some other chat-based or forum-based formats that are less timely and complicated to deal with, video conferencing is quick and easy to learn.

You can benefit from these with Priority Meeting Suite.

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